Design Your Own Appliance

Endian's OEM offering has been conceived in order to support your needs at best: both hardware and software appliances can be customized, choosing between co-branding or full branding options as you wish. This makes it possible to define the most valuable solutions for your business and your target market.

Co-branding includes:

  • Your logo along with the Endian's one on the Web interface of the software appliance and/or on Endian Network, as well as on the front plate of the Hardware appliance.
  • A customized UTM ISO image.
  • A custom entry point URL on Endian Network.

Full branding includes:

  • A completely custom design of Web interfaces and of the front plate of the Endian Hardware appliance.
  • A custom domain on Endian Network.

In addition, Endian offers third-party hardware certification, in order to certify Endian UTM Software for a third party hardware appliance or server.

Apply for your OEM solution

Depending on the OEM options you choose, Endian proposes different pricing and asks for basic requirements: 

  • A one time fee
  • A minimum yearly revenue for the first year
  • A minimum first order

Improve your Company's business and image offering your customers custom solutions tailored on their needs together with the reliability and efficiency of Endian Products! 


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