Product overview

The scope of network security is constantly sifting. M2M Communication, modern forms of mobile working, and new always ON social life demand new ways of protection. Endian stays ahead of the curve and offers best in class security solutions for industrial endpoint protection, remote services and WiFi management.

Security Gateways

Endian has changed the network security landscape by providing a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution with a unique management experience: deploy quickly, manage easily and stay flexible...

BYOD & WiFi (Hotspot)

Endian Hotspot is an integrated and easy to use solution to give your customers access to the Internet via wireless or cable connection and through any suitable device, such as laptops, netbooks and smartphones...

Industrial Security (4i)

The 4i Edge series of appliances will protect and provide secure remote access to all your SCADA equipment. We have a product for all of the various industrial network environments so you can be assured...

Secure and Protect your Virtual Infrastructure

Whether you are securing your internal virtual business environment, running a world-class hosting or colocation facility, or providing cloud services - the Endian UTM Virtual Appliance can provide superior network security to protect your virtual infrastructure from any potential threats.

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