Empower Your Business with Endian

The Endian Partner Program offers various levels of partnership, providing an extensive range of benefits to support your company in increasing revenue with Endian products and services. Every partner level delivers high margins, support for sales and marketing as well as training and certification, helping you to grow your business and offering superior solutions for your customers.

Authorized Partner

Activate the Partnership after your first purchase and sell Endian products to your customer with the basic reserved partner discount. This level of partnership is suitable for those IT resellers and consultants who are looking for a free and dynamic business relationship without forgoing a high quality service.

Certified Partner

When being Authorized Partner is just no longer enough, jump to the next level and tighten up your cooperation with Endian. Add reliability and know-how to your business getting the Endian Security Administrator Certification (ECSA) and take advantage of benefits and dedicated resources.

Primary Partner

Towards a strongly motivated commitment in sales and marketing activities, Primary Partners are on the front line together with Endian acting in the market as a single force. Long term and solid relationship, high level technical skills, shoulder to shoulder cooperation with Endian: these are the distinctive features that take a Partner to the top.

Can Endian help to save my client’s money? Yes!

Consolidation, stability, security and productivity, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): your clients can benefit from advantageous conditions allowing to maximize the effectiveness of network security while minimizing costs.

Can Endian decrease our management times? Yes!

Central management, stability, user-friendliness, single vendor model: the unique features of Endian UTM greatly simplify management tasks and consistently cut management times.

Does Endian compete with other products on the market? Yes!

All inclusive features, unique functionality, price competitiveness, speedy development: these characteristics made Endian become the world-leading company in the open source UTM market.

Can I make money by offering Endian? Absolutely yes!

UTM market on rise and not over saturated, aggressive margins, free Web leads: with a yearly growth of over 30% the $2 billion UTM market is the fastest growing segment in the network security field.

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