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Virtual technology enables users to run additional operating systems directly on the firewall. The virtual environment has special security settings and is located out‐of‐sight from the firewall in the so‐called DMZ. This way, critical applications run in the virtual environment, while the corporate network is protected from potentially malicious code.

secureVD® was developed to separate critical data on workstations while users are on the internet. Internet applications such as internet browsers and e‐mail programs run on the virtual environment, which is remotely controlled from the workstation through a graphical network connection. This way, internet programs have no access to the data on the users’ PCs or network, thus limiting potential security risks from the internet to only the virtual system. In case the system is compromised through a security breach in the web browser, a plug‐in or in the email software, there is no access to the workstation data. On the other hand, the virtual environment can simply be reset to its original state through a click.

The virtual machines in the firewall can also be used to run server systems with public access, for example web or FTP servers.

secureVD and Endian

"With secureVD for the first time BWG Informationssysteme GmbH is able to offer a UTM-firewall appliance that already includes a virtualization environment for use in environments where security is critical, e.g. in the health care area. secureVD makes it possible to virtualize server systems as well as desktop systems in a secured network environment directly on the firewall.

secureVD has been developed in an OEM partnership with Endian whose Endian Firewall, which is based on established and powerful open source technologies, has been the base for this product. The collaboration with the Endian development team has always been professional and friendly."

Thomas Zeller
Managing Director
BWG Informationssysteme GmbH

Functional principle secureVD®

secureVD® works as a central firewall and VPN gateway. With the help of the integrated hypervisor critical security applications can be outsourced into the protected and secure virtual zone of the firewall.

secureVD® is available as low noise application for quiet operation in office environments and in a 19" / 1U hardware with better performance for small and medium‐sized enterprises.

For more information, please visit http://www.secureVD.de

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