Endian 4i: All New Industrial Product Line

(26. September 2012)


New Microsite: http://4i.endian.com

Endian is proud to announce the release of an all new line of Industrial (SCADA) endpoint protection and connectivity products in an effort to satisfy the security needs of the industrial market.  The new Endian 4i (4 Industrial) product line includes a powerful controlled temperature desktop model as well as a ruggedized wide temperature (DIN Rail) model.

When asked about the new product line, Endian CEO Raphael Vallazza, explains, “Our company has been approached by industry leaders such as Liebherr, BTS Biogas and Instrumentation Laboratory to ensure the security of endpoints and safe transmission of data during remote management sessions.  As opposed to traditional IT networks where Endian UTM plays the role of a gatekeeper, SCADA environments require the protection of every endpoint, each having its own mechanisms for defense. We had to rethink the role of security in these ecosystems keeping ease-of-use and affordability in mind.”  The result is the all new Endian 4i product line, designed specifically for the unique needs of the industrial market.

In the past, industrial process control networks were optimized for real-time data acquisition and efficient management while little attention was paid to security. With integration into TCP/IP Networks, SCADA devices became exposed to threats in which they were unprepared for. As a result, malware and targeted attacks are on the rise with high-profile examples like Stuxnet, Duqu, and Flame causing untold damages both economically and to company reputations. The U.S. Department of Energy* has even described the state of industrial networks as follows:

“The performance, reliability, flexibility and safety of distributed control/SCADA systems are robust, while the security of these systems is often weak.”

Each device in the 4i incorporates Endian’s unique easy-to-use web interface while providing a wide array of powerful security features. This includes things like a stateful firewall, deep-packet inspection intrusion prevention and a simple yet secure VPN solution that is completely compatible with Apple iOS™ & Antroid™ mobile devices. In addition, Endian also includes a free web-based centralized management and monitoring tool (called Endian Network) to reduce the administrative and support costs of our partners and customers.

One of the most well-known challenges in securing the industrial (SCADA) network is the requirement to minimize the necessary changes to the business network. Endian recognizes this issue and has a solution built into all of its new 4i products that address this problem.  Every product includes an option to be deployed “transparently” into any existing network. This allows industrial personnel to easily deploy a security and connectivity solution without any changes or impact to the existing business network which saves time and money!

This new product line brings an unprecedented level of versatility to our endpoint devices while maintaining a tight compatibility with our Security Gateway (UTM) products. This means building and maintaining large, distributed VPN networks for remote monitoring and/or support is simple and highly secure. Endian also provides wide set of VPN connectivity options that provide a high level of interoperability with any existing third-party VPN solutions. The result: no matter how small or large your network needs are, Endian has a secure solution that meets your requirements.

Main features Endian 4i Edge series

  • Best in class firewall: Endian 4i Edge devices contains the complete Endian operating system and has the most powerful rule editor in the industrial firewall market
  • World Renowned: Because of its unique suite of features and user-friendliness, Endian is one of the most widely used security tools globally with more than 1 million downloads
  • Flexible VPN: Endian offers Quick remote VPN Setup (IPsec and openVPN) for an unlimited number of VPN connections
  • Easiest to Manage: Each Endian includes centralized web-based VPN Management
  • Mobile Connectivity: Secure mobile VPN connectivity from iPhone®, iPad® and Android mobile platforms to any 4i Edge device
  • Robust Traffic Inspection: Multifaceted Intrusion Prevention System scans all traffic for malicious payloads
  • Simple Setup: In Stealth Mode, Endian acts transparently, no IP address needs to be changed
  • Rock Solid Reliability: Endian’s WAN fail-over assures connectivity up to 99.9%!
  • Connectivity Anywhere: Endian includes built in support for 3G/4G USB Modems (for remote locations)
  • Remote Access: Remote configuration for problem-free system monitoring of distributed production networks through Endian Network.
  • Quickest Recovery: Endian provides the fastest backup and disaster recovery to significantly reduce any potential down-time

To learn more about Endian 4i, contact Sales[at]Endian.com or visit http://4i.endian.com/ for more information.

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