Getting help with EFW Community version

Endian provides several "community driven" solutions to solve any problems you may encounter with the EFW Community Version.  This means, the support is free but depends solely on the good will of other people in the Open Source Community to help you.

From time to time Endian will look into unanswered questions and respond to technical questions regarding development. We ask for your understanding that we can't provide free support for a free product, so please do not send us e-mails with questions regarding problems with EFW Community version.

If you are unhappy with the community support and would like professional help, feel free to buy a fully Endian supported Endian UTM Appliance.

How to choose the appropriate support
In order to promptly find the solution of your problem, follow these steps:

  1. Read the Endian Firewall Documentation.
  2. Read the FAQ page.
  3. Check the Bug tracker for well known problems.
  4. Read the Mailinglists and search it for your problem. It is a knowledge base - you may find that your problem may have already been asked and solved!
  5. If you did not find a solution, then ask your question on the mailinglist.

How to ask

If you are going to ask your question on the mailinglist, please bear in mind that you are asking other community users, that may not be official Endian Staff. They do not have to help you, but if asked accurately and politely community members usually will love to help you.

Furthermore, try to be as precise as you can if you are asking for help. Most of the time is helpful to know:

  • What exactly happened ("it does not work", does not help much)
  • What you did before the incident
  • The exact hardware specification
  • Which version you are running

It will also help immensely if you can provide detailed information, like parts of your log file, or outputs of interesting system tools where applicable.

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